We turn writers into bestselling authors

We take the stress of publishing out of your hands to let you concentrate on what you enjoy most: writing stories people love.

What we offer

Independent publishing can be expensive. We work with industry-leading editors, proofreaders, designers, translators and marketing gurus to make a bestseller out of your manuscript - at no upfront cost to you as a writer.

Developmental / Copy Edits & Proofreading

Our editors will help you create a polished, unputdownable book and will work with you until everyone is excited to get it into readers' hands.

Cover, Branding & Blurb

We take care of all aspects of your branding. We will provide an author or series website, and invest in the best genre-appropriate blurbs and design book covers for you.

Publishing & Marketing

It is your baby - but we are midwives and fairy godmothers of your work. We will shout about your book from the rooftops to connect it with the perfect readers.

translation & global distribution

The world deserves to read your stories. We publish and market your novel in UK and US English and in multiple foreign languages.

Unlike other independant publishers, we don't ask you to contribute any money up front.
So you will never need our bank details - we will send you regular royalty payments and you don't have to worry about anything but writing and working with our editors!

Currently open
for submissions -
no agent needed

We love love stories

Lightning Publishing invests in new, talented, up-and-coming authors and we bring their stories to a global audience. 

We edit, brand, publish, distribute and market fiction books in a variety of formats including paperback, hardback, ebooks, audiobooks and online – in US and UK English, German, French and Japanese.

The world needs your stories and we want to free up your time to do what you do best and love most: writing. We’ll take care of the rest!

Genres our readers love

New/Young Adult sweet/Historical

Strong Alpha Romance

Romantic Comedy/
Literary Fiction

Client testimonials

“I've been publishing kissing stories for years and had a healthy following. Lightning Publishing helps me unlock completely new markets in other countries and reach readers I wouldn't ever have been able to connect to. And their editorial team has already made me a better writer!”
Brooklyn Bond
“I love writing and telling stories - that's why I'm an author. The branding and publishing side is not my strong suit. I couldn't even organize a night out with friends, let alone a successful launch. There are so many moving parts and the Lightning team takes care of everything.”
Audrey Love
“I've been traditionally published before, but with my cut being only 15% of the profits, I saw very little return. That's why I've signed up my next series with Lightning Publishing - they work with the best editors and designers and I get paid fairly for my creative work.”
SJ Eldridge