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Traditional Publishing Houses aren't the only way anymore


Do I need an agent?

No, as long as you follow our submission guidelines, we encourage direct queries.

Are you currently taking submissions?

Yes, we take on multiple authors a year. 

How long should my book be?

We only accept complete manuscripts from 30k words. Please don’t submit concepts or beginnings only. We want to see that you have persevered and finished the book.

Do you pay advances?

We don’t pay advances for first manuscripts. But we cover all the costs of production, publishing and marketing the book.

How old do I have to be?

We accept submissions from anyone over 18.

What is the royalty split?

We typically offer a 50/50 split on profits.

When will I hear about whether my submission was successful?

We aim to respond to every query within four weeks.

How often are Royalties paid?

Royalties are paid either twice or four times per year, depending on the contract.

How long does it take to publish a book?

That depends on the state of the manuscript and the fan base we can generate before the release. It also depends on how quickly the author can work with our editors.


What If i don't want to make a change an editor suggests?

We supply revision notes for every manuscript we accept for publication. An author is free to withdraw if specific changes are a condition for publication.

Can I use my own cover art?

No, all branding decisions will be made by industry specialists. They know their art well.

Can I resubmit the same story?

That will be discussed at the review. We might recommend a rewrite and invite a resubmission.

Part of the story has been published online. Will you publish it?

No, we don’t consider any previously published works. If any part is available anywhere public, we won’t be able to take the story under contract. 

What is your marketing strategy?

We won’t launch a book until there is a buzz about it and readers of the genre are excited to read it. We don’t release into the void. Our expert marketers work with paid ads and focus on building strong audiences.

What don't we do?

We won’t be your publicists. We don’t schedule appearances at conferences, secure interviews on podcasts or at other media outlets. 

Do You Sell books at in-Person events?

No, we don’t. Our marketing targets large population groups looking for their next favorite book online or in book stores. 

Questions about translations and foreign markets?

We multiply your revenues by translating and marketing your books to foreign readers – at no cost to you!