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The e-book market makes up 8.3 percent of book sales with 20.3 million copies sold


E-book market worth US$250 million, comprising only 8.7% of total book sales


Print and digital (24%) book sales generated US$15.59 billion in 2020


We focus on the hungriest and most profitable global markets.  There are millions of super fans waiting to get their hands on good stories 

– stories you are writing anyway! 

With our penetration of foreign markets, we can help you become an internationally bestselling author and multiply your royalties without any extra effort on your part.

Become an internationally bestselling author

We take on multiple writers a year and use our special method to turn them into superstars – wealthy ones!

Your stories are meant to be read and appreciated

Why stop at English-speaking audiences?

Cookie-cutter approaches to publishing and marketing don’t work. We understand foreign audiences and tailor our approaches to meet them where they are at. 

What’s funny in English may be crass in French. Facebook ads are a successful tool in the US, but wouldn’t capture Germans readers (as only 39% of Gen X and above use social media). Different kinds of covers sell books better in Japan than others.

Publishing in different countries is more than translating keywords, blurbs and copy – it requires a genuine understanding of the market, and that’s why we excel in selling to readers across the globe and multiplying your royalties.