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We love love, we love stories, and we love connecting talented writers with their target audience groups hungry for new content.

Lightning Publishing started as a translation agency but it became apparent that throwing out a book in a foreign language into the world wasn’t enough. From there, we grew into author services and are now ready to invest in up-and-coming writers rather than being paid an upfront fee for translation and promotion services.

Why not just self-publish?

Self-publishing is awesome! If you have plenty of time to get ahead of the learning curve, are tech-savvy, have a healthy starting capital and enjoy learning about the ins and outs of current marketing practices, self-publishing may be the way ahead for you. But if figuring out pay per click ads, paying monthly subscription costs for vital services, upfront costs for services and all the costs associated with producing a book (developmental and copy edits, proofreading, formatting, covers, ISBN, aggregator upload fees, etc.) isn’t your thing, a publisher may be the better option for you.

Our Process

We carefully review all submissions and select the strongest manuscripts. Our editors reach out to the successful authors and discuss the way ahead. If we reach an agreement, we sign contracts.

Our developmental editors submit feedback and work with you to make your manuscript shine. We craft the blurbs and advertising material.

Our talented designers and marketers create the branding and begin preparing the launch. For new authors, the run-up to a first release can take several months to ensure there is an audience and a buzz for the book coming out - globally across all markets.

We finalize the proofread and send out Advanced Review Copies to readers. Newsletter subscribers are informed of the launch and hyped up for the big day.

Experienced local teams translate the manuscripts and we prepare the launch to foreign readers.

We send you your royalties - and you enjoy the money and the fame!

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